The fork in the Brave browser makes a „bold“ move citing legal pressure

The blockchain browser formerly known as „Braver“, which originally forked off from the open source browser Brave, was renamed „Bold Browser“ today, citing legal threats from a „certain party“.

An anti-adware bifurcation
Braver Browser was launched in June after rumors that Brave would have automatically filled in the company’s affiliate link in searches for certain cryptomoney exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.

Announcing the project on a now-deleted tweet on June 6, Braver’s team said it had removed the Brave reference link injection, adding that the full version would remove „all adware,“ including the basic attention token (BAT) – the ERC-20 utility tokens given to Brave content creators for promoting the platform.

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At about the same time, Brave co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich tweeted that the bifurcated project „will have to change the name, also run a number of services and updates on its own. He added, „We don’t allow free travel on our servers.

Legal Threats
On July 9, Braver changed his name to „Bold Browser“ on Twitter, Github and Discord, tweeting:

„Due to legal threats sent to one of our community members by a certain party, specifically seeking to harm them financially due to the bifurcation of this browser, we are immediately changing the name and removing all association to the ‚browser that won’t be named.

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Bold Browser pointed out that he was also removing all references to „a browser we mentioned earlier in our tweets,“ and called it „a goodwill gesture for those who send legal threats to open source contributors.“

When asked if they expected the legal threats to stop after the rebranding, a Bold Browser contributor told Cointelegraph:

„The threat letter required the coders to change the name of Immediate Bitcoin and remove all references to them. Everyone did their best to comply. You’ll have to ask them to see if they find it sufficient to return to their privacy and anonymity by respecting the standards by which they advertise“.

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Cointelegraph contacted Brave for additional details, but did not receive a response until the close of this issue.